Accessibility and knowledge-sharing are key drivers for managing and delivering records in electronic format. The AIIM Electronic Records Management (ERM) course provides practical guidance for capturing and managing records and vital information according to their value to the organization. The course covers the entire lifecycle of records, ISO standard 15489, and related concepts, with special emphasis on email capture and retention as well as new content types such as social media.

The Electronic Records Management (ERM) Master program provides a thorough understanding of ERM concepts and processes (including the ERM Practitioner and ERM Specialist content) and includes a practical case study exercise.

There are 28 topics in this course (including case study modules) - each topic includes an audio slide presentation (which can be viewed on a tablet) as well as a pdf of the course notes. To achieve the ERM Master designation, students must pass the exam and master case study. After passing the both and filling out the Course Evaluation, the ERM Master certificate and logo will unlock for download.

We hope you enjoy this training.

- The AIIM Training Team